50/50 Raffles

5050 Central’s digital fundraising platform has assisted close to 500 organizations raise nearly $500 Million

50/50 Raffle

How It Works

A 50/50 raffle is a fundraising concept where everyone wins. Tickets are sold to fans and event attendees; the proceeds of each purchased ticket goes into a centralized jackpot. To end the draw, a winning number is randomly selected with the lucky winner receiving half of the proceeds and the other half benefitting the associated charity or non-profit of the raffle.
5050 Central’s digital fundraising platform has assisted close to 500 organizations raise nearly $500,000,000. Proceeds from each raffle have been donated by the charity or non-profit to support an endeavour of their choice; including, their own organization, community efforts to subsidize registration/equipment/infrastructure costs or assistance for disaster relief efforts.

The Process

50/50 Raffle


5050 Central’s technology ensures efficiency in displaying real-time jackpot info with overall connectivity and reliability from its devices to its admin platform and servers. Through an API or XML feed, integration can be made with scoreboard systems to advertise the real-time pot amount and the winning number announcement. The creation of a dedicated Virtual Private Network (VPN) ensures our devices communicate securely via a separate cellular signal or your venue’s WIFI. Selling devices feature built-in redundancies to allow continuous selling of tickets in areas with poor service or during network interruptions.

50/50 raffle Powering


5050 Central provides portable, easy-to-use hardware to maximize results while creating a fun and comfortable experience for sellers. Whether your event is 500 people or 50,000 people, our platform is seamlessly scalable.
Mobile Handheld


Mobile Handheld

Our heavy duty point of sale mobile device, with its fast-charging, extended battery-life, can handle any environment

Tablet Device


Mobile Tablet Device

We also offer a larger device for ticket sales. Our secure tablets can be used as a mobile device or at a stationary kiosk

Portable Printer


Portable Printers

Our lightning fast printers sit comfortably on your hip. No cords are needed as the printers are Bluetooth enabled

Kiosk Display



Deliver excitement with two (2) types of stations for your event that provide live jackpot updates

50/50 raffle Powering


Admin Platform


Admin Platform

As a cloud-based solution, administrators can monitor and review results from anywhere with no extra equipment required. Clients can view results by sales area, by seller and even by station; these reports can help pinpoint successes or improvement opportunities.

Online Mobile Sales


Online Mobile Sales

Online sales is a new and revolutionary way to engage fans who are not in attendance. In addition to in-venue sales, the 5050 platform allows fans to purchase raffle tickets through a secure website or the process can be integrated with 3rd party mobile applications.

Cellular and Wifi Solutions


Cellular and Wifi Solutions

5050 Central solutions utilize reliable, stable, easy-to-use cellular connections to enhance its platform. A cellular signal can also expand a program’s reach beyond the venue itself to nearby events such as festivals, tailgates and more.

Credit Card Capabilities


Credit Card Capabilities

Using third party technology that interacts with 50/50 devices, your sellers can accept all major credit & debit cards. These devices come with total security & PCI compliant processes. No signal, no problem! Credit card payments can be delayed and processed when a connection is re-established.

50/50 Raffle



Multi-Day Raffle

Single-day draws are great, but a multi-day pot can help create even more winnings and excitement


Random Numbers Raffle

Utilize our Random Number Generator (RNG) for lottery programs with categories, prizing restrictions and eligibility rules


Innovative Solutions Raffle

We have many innovative ways to help you get more out of your event; let us design a creative extension to help you sell even more tickets


Personalized Number Raffle

You can increase engagement by letting customers re-play their own personalized numbers

50/50 raffle Empowering


A devoted, energetic and enthusiastic sales staff is an essential component to a successful program. Certain states and provinces require sellers to be volunteers, while others permit paid staff. 5050 Central also provides seller training material to prepare your staff for success.

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in one’s community; raffle programs offer a fantastic learning environment coupled with networking opportunities. By recruiting your own volunteers, you are identifying motivated individuals with a vested interest in raising money for your cause.

When possible, consider hiring a qualified team of paid staff who bring experience and consistency to maximizing ticket sales. The combination of a fun environment and a great cause will make it easy to attract and retain great people to support your organization.


It is important that sellers are vocal, hard-working and passionate


Maximize sales with coloured uniforms and signage to promote your message


Enhance sales with venue coverage around stands, concessions and entrances


Sell the charity and the personal winnings; win-win for a great cause


50/50 raffle Promotional


Promotional strategies can help increase interest and overall revenue for any 50/50 event. Our customer success team can assist with idea generation and implementation to help maximize exposure and participation.


Attract customer attention with large, bright in-venue signs


Advertise the raffle, and the ever increasing pot, on in-game videoboards

Social Media

Promote raffle results using social media for both in-game and post-game details


Use the in-venue announcer to maintain interest with timely comments


Make your sellers standout with brightly coloured uniforms


Leverage your website to raise awareness for the raffle program


Raise awareness by including raffle details/events in your email notifications

Branded Themed Events

Incorporate events throughout the year to create on-going excitement

50/50 Raffle


Gaming Labs Certified

Raffle program requirements can vary between gaming and regulatory authorities. 5050 Central will assist in ensuring these standards are met to maximize your program’s success. Beyond regulatory assistance, 5050 Central was the first company to achieve Gaming Laboratories’ International technical

GLI-31 standard. Since 2012, the GLI-31 certification has become the industry standard for Electronic Raffle Systems and has been adopted by over 450 jurisdictions worldwide.

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