Jun 14,2018 Categories: Community News

LA Dodgers Foundation

A 50/50 raffle is a win-win fundraising concept. For Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation seller Greg Gieselman, being part of each raffle is also a personal win-win.

For me personally, I wasn’t sure what to expect 3 years ago when I took the job,” said Gieselman. “I just wanted to come to Dodger Stadium, enjoy it, and be with the fans. As it turns out, it became something so much greater than that since we are helping to give back to the community. It’s awesome.”

Having sold close to $300K in raffle tickets, Gieselman was the Foundation’s highest seller during the 2017 season. The Dodgers rewarded his efforts by recognizing his achievement on the field during a game this past May.

“It’s all about making connections with our fans; you have to make it fun. There’s only one winner, but the great thing is there’s a new winner every single night. You must let them know that – so that way, if they have a great time and have a good experience at the game, they know they have a chance to win again the next time they come out, even if they lose this time – and they will buy another ticket from me!”

Sellers are the heart of every 50/50 raffle program and sellers like Greg Gieselman are what turn 50/50 raffles from a win-win, to a win-win-win for everyone involved.